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Own who you are!

Do you own who you are?

Owning who you are is one of the hardest things to do.

It is about accepting not only the good sides but the bad sides as well.

We have so many thoughts of not being good enough and think that people will judge us.

Judging yourself and not accepting and owning who you are is bad for your mental health.

If you own who you are, nobody can hurt you. It is easier said than done, I know. It takes a lot of practice and ups and downs. It is an ongoing journey, but you are so deserving of feeling acceptance and love from yourself. You got yourself this far, Queen. Trough all the struggles you are here today, and that is what counts.

Six months ago, you probably thought, how do I get through this? And guess what, you got through it! I am so proud of you. And you will get through all the days ahead. I would love to help you and guide you every step of the way. Because I think all people are deserving of owning who they are and accepting/loving themselves.

Here is a tip to learn how to accept yourself and owning who you are.

Write down all the things you are thinking about yourself, the good and the bad.

Come on, do it now. I know how this works; otherwise, you won’t do it.

Set that first step. You got this!

Did you write down some positive things about yourself?

So proud of you! Make sure you will extend this list if you think of something else.

Did you write the negative things down?

Is this a lot more?

For us, it is easier to think of the negative; that is how we are programmed—looking for danger so we can protect ourselves. However, thinking negatively about yourself is the real danger.

It can break you down completely.

Look at all the negative things that you wrote down. Now think of this as if a person who you love wrote this down, what would you say to them?

Would you say yes, you are right? You are not good enough; you are not worth it; I agree.

Or would you say? You are enough; you are worthy of this. Talk positively about yourself, please.

Take your list of negative things and write down what you would say to the person you love. Cross out the negative things you said about yourself.

Now read this list with positive things out loud to yourself every day. You will notice you will look at yourself in a different light.

I am curious about your list.

Feel free to DM me about it @melissaboelen

You got this!

Lots of love,

Melissa Boelen

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